The curricula at Amidon-Bowen is designed to provide students with opportunities to learn through hands-on learning and blended learning (technology) experiences. Amidon-Bowen also uses a social-emotional curriculum to foster students’ social-emotional growth. In addition to the curricula listed below, Amidon-Bowen has a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focus – see our STEM page.

Tools of the Mind

Amidon-Bowen’s early childhood curriculum for preschool and kindergarten children utilizes Tools of the Mind, a method based on the ideas of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The curriculum is designed to foster children’s executive function, which involves developing self-regulation. Self-regulation is viewed as a necessary prerequisite to school readiness and is embedded in activities throughout the day.

Dramatic play is a main component of the curriculum. Children participate in intentional play planning and then move to stations where they act out various roles (e.g., baker) aligned with a weekly theme. Activities are designed to emphasize both self-regulation and academic skills.


Blended Learning

Our elementary students benefit from daily literacy and math blocks, which provide students with blended learning experiences. Students may work one-on-one with the teacher or in small groups or receive personalized learning through LexiaCore5 (reading), First in Math (math), or iReady (math) software.