Very few elementary schools in the District of Columbia have the physical facilities offered by Amidon-Bowen:

  • a new science lab
  • a full-size gymnasium sculpture
  • a baseball and athletic field
  • an artificial turf practice field
  • two outdoor playgrounds
  • a dance/yoga studio
  • a multi-purpose room with a stage and a cafeteria
  • a music room
  • flower and vegetable gardens
  • a fully-stocked art room
  • and a 5,000 volume library

Amidon-Bowen has benefitted from over $10 million in capital investments over the past three years. Most recently, we won a $20,000 grant to fund a new science lab. Our students collaborated with a celebrated DC artist, Kevin Reese, to create three large mobiles which now hang in our stairwells and a large sculpture in front of the school building that represents our school pride (shown on right).