UNIFORM DRIVE: If you have school uniforms that your child has outgrown, please clean them and drop them off at the school during the last week of school or during summer vacation. If you are in need of uniforms for next school year, you may visit the school office and request uniforms in your child's size.

VOLUNTEER at Amidon-Bowen. Sign up here: Volunteer Form

ENROLL your child for next year during school hours from 9-11 am or 4-6 pm and don't forget to enroll in Afterschool separately.

See the Calendar for all upcoming events

  1. Jul 25:  PreK Summer Play Date
  2. Sep 01:  Principal Chat & Chew
  3. Sep 06:  Back to School Night
  4. Sep 11:  Staff Meeting
  5. Oct 02:  Staff Meeting

The principal of the school is Ms. TaMikka Sykes. Email Principal Sykes